We are developing autonomous drones capable of exploring deep space and enduring through the passage of time.

Each vehicle is designed for both deep space travel and to serve as one of a complex network of navigational base stations. They provide a first person view of space travel and are designed to stand watch over future missions.

"Exploring & Enduring"


Our vision is to build an advanced space vehicle network.

This network will provide the capability to collect a time-lapsed historical record of visual and analytical data from every planet in our solar system, along with destinations across the galaxy. The knowledge gained will be unparalleled. Each mission will consist of a fleet of five space drones, executing coordinated space exploration.

"Spacecraft Network"

Vehicle Ownership
The VIGILANTE1 vehicle is designed for mass production.

The result is a reduction in fabrication cost and the ability to achieve the goal of a network of deep-space vehicles. We will have the ability to provide controlled space exploration to our customers. We provide the vehicle and the client chooses the destination.

"Controlled Exploration"

Long-Term Plans
The exploration of deep space will lead to new endeavors.

The design of the VIGILANTE1 vehicle is pushing the envelope of what a conventional spacecraft achieves. Over the next few years, we will design four unique, purpose-built space vehicles. The VIGILANTE1 vehicle program is just the beginning of this exciting journey.

"Pushing the Envelope"

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