There are challenges for every spacecraft based on available power and fuel.

Advanced materials and intelligent systems are driving the future of space travel. We are conducting research in two key areas for extending deep space exploration: Energy Recovery Systems and Alternative Propulsion Concepts.

"Advanced Systems"


Experimental Systems
We have two experimental systems onboard the vehicle.

These systems are designed for sample capture; intaking gases for chemical analysis, separation and storage. We will attempt to capture elements required for refueling. These systems could one day provide fuel for uncharted exploration.

"Capture & Refueling"

Shock Wave Engine
The desire to explore our galaxy and beyond drove us to design this unique system.

In space, explosions can be advantageous if you know when they will occur. The shock wave drive releases timed charges, and reconfigures the aft panel to sustain the impending concussive forces from the wave. This system will greatly increase the range of VIGILANTE1.

"Efficient Propulsion"

Energy Recovery System
Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) is an efficient spaceflight system.

Spacecraft dependent on solar energy can generate only 4% of max power as they approach Jupiter. The initial solar energy could be stored as angular kinetic energy and recovered when needed. This is certainly an unconventional approach. We are designing a system that may define the future of space-based, energy recovery systems.

"Energy Conversion"

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