Vehicle Design
VIGILANTE1 is built using a composite frame design and an all aluminum outer skin.

The vehicle's surface is fully integrated with transparent photovoltaics, capable of harvesting energy from both the sun and space radiation. Radiation shielding is a welcome side effect of integrating these high-efficiency cells.

"Integrated Solar Cells"


VIGILANTE1 has a sleek exterior built around a dual high-gain antenna architecture.

This architecture will allow for continuous communication with other vehicles within the network and continuous broadcast to vehicles stationed in earth's orbit, simultaneously. This will be the key to pursuing uninterrupted observation of celestial events from around the galaxy.

"Continuous Broadcast"

Space Frame
The composite space frame consists of three main modules.

These modules are readily assembled and can be installed into the vehicle from the engine bay. They provide mounting points and support for the analytical systems, electronics, batteries, fuel cells, heaters, high gain antennas, energy recovery systems, and propulsion systems.

"Composite Frame"

Analytical Systems
VIGILANTE1 is equipped with a small, efficient space telescope for dedicated imaging.

The analytical bay will host a configurable suite of high-resolution imaging systems from infrared to visible and UV. The dual canopy structure covering the analytical bay provides access for scanning a planet's surface or monitoring events of scientific interest.



"Space Telescope"

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